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Martello Tower at Finvarra

“In the gloomy domed livingroom of the tower Buck Mulligan’s gowned form moved briskly about the hearth to and fro, hiding and revealing its yellow glow. Two shafts of soft daylight fell across the flagged floor from the high barbicans: and at the meeting of their rays a cloud of coalsmoke and fumes of fried grease floated, turning.”

Ulysses Ch.1 [Telemachus] – James Joyce


[An article prepared for matzine 09 ‘Copy+Paste’ ed. Stephen Mackie]

Martello Towers are compact defensive forts built by the British during the early 19th century – for the Napoleonic wars – at coastal positions throughout the diverse regions of their empire. They are a development of earlier Corsican defensive towers, and draw their name and design from one at Mortella, which was completed in 1565. The design and implementation of the Martello Towers across the 140 locations at which they were constructed remained broadly consistent, and was later emulated and re-purposed for communications by other nations, including America and France.

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Memory Theatre, Edinburgh

As outlined in a previous post, I recently completed an M.Arch dissertation entitled ‘Dialogues; Architecture’s Origin in Language‘ in the in the Material masters unit at the university of Dundee. Memory Theatre was one of a series of projects which formed part of the dissertation. This project is currently being exhibited at the RIBA in London, and will be on Display at the Milk and Sugar Gallery in Liverpool during the month of February. The original submission is available to view on the RIBA President’s Medals website.

Click here, or on the image above to view the abstract and images.

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