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Part II graduate architect interested in writing and drawing as forms of inquiry within architecture, and in the processes of their translation to building. Studied architecture at the Dundee School of Architecture, graduating with distinction in an MArch pursued in the Material Unit.

My final year design project Memory Theatre, and Dialogues thesis examined architecture’s interactions with history, language and literature, and were each nominated for the 2010 RIBA President’s Medals. My work has been exhibited in London at the RIBA and in the Milk and Sugar Gallery, Liverpool. I collect some words on the above here, and am an editor of matzine, a collaborative zine which dwells in the peripheries of architectural discourse whilst traversing subjects from art and archaeology to anthropology and literature.

This blog serves as a minimal portfolio and periodical journal for those fragments of earnest pursuits which I believe benefit most from being shared.

I can be contacted by email at ipollard7[at]gmail[dot]com and on twitter @youngpollard and @matzine

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