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mat.zine number two

mat.zine is a zine that is both documentation and stimlation for our group of eager material students. It traces, through a reductive selection of content, the progression of our work, our investigations, and the questions we are attempting to find, or create answers for.Edition 002 is concerned with a question we each defined as being pertinent to the areas of our thesis studies. This question was then paired with a related image. The zine is structured as a double sided A3, folded, in a most mysterious manner, to create an a6 piece of pure self-publishing magic.

My own  page is included here. It is development of a previous collage that includes a map of a deliciously geeky 1977 fictional creation called ‘Sans Seriffe‘ The now famous hoax,  published in the Guardian newspaper described a economically prosperous island nation, but was merely a construct based on an elaborate and humorous series of references to typography, publishing and bookmaking. With the widespread growth of word processor and desktop  publishing since, this hoax would no longer be credible. But a time when the names of typefaces were not cultural norms(think times new roman) or sans serif was a term used by those in the publishing industry alone,  the hoax was widely believed and accepted to be fact.

The desire to publish our work is something that is shared by the Material group. Several of us have attended a zine workshop, run by a couple of enthusiasts from a great community project called the Star and Shadow Cinema , Newcastle.

Producing the zines is a enjoyable antidote to the great mass of digital content that we must consume every day, and is a  rewarding method of creating a independent publication for a  small readership quickly.

Some great examples of zines, perhaps of a more subversive nature

Zine Library


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2 Responses

  1. i bow, sir, to you for your exordium delight. and i bow doubly so for your foray into referential argument. you flatter me then batter me with the tools of my own choosing [ill-chosen, i say in hindsight]


  2. there is something to be said about stylesheets. stylesheets acknowledge the metaphysical separation of content and composition. hear me out.

    stylesheets go one step further; they transcend concept into being, in a similar manner to how i imagine a god could think any object into existence. now we must bring discourse to the subject matter of stylesheets – this thing that exists between form and function, which has an autonomous value, independent from the form/function dichotomy, should hitherto be appreciated for the initiative of its inception

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