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January interim review

Images and text of assorted media

Review Presentation

This Thursday saw the group engage in the post-christmas critical reviews of our work in the critspace.

Above is my hastily composed presentation. It includes a selection of drawings, words and various imagery from each of the investigations undertaken thus far in the pursuit of an architectural thesis. While the work was well received overall, the question was posed; what next? I have learned a great deal from undertaking this series of mini-projects. The task at hand now is to transform that which I have learned into an architectural design project. How this will be done is an unknown. Further to a challenge by my tutor during the review, I have allocated two weeks to design a theatre that may (or indeed, may not) embody the conclusions reached in the initial investigations. Watch  this space!

Futurist Collage

We undertook some constructive practice beforehand within the group by working on our verbal (or verbose, in my case at least) presentations (inspired initially, if only by the self imposed time limit, by the Japanese ‘Pecha-Kucha‘ method) This method of rapid fire presentation, if undertaken more rigoursly, would certainly be both interesting and challenging…


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